RReamso International Pvt. Ltd.

Introduction & Purpose

The goal of this project is to create a detailed business plan that will develop the basis for a new start up of real estate investment company. The business model will be modest, yet detailed. It is RReamso’s objective to create a valued business to hold a portfolio of real estate assets that we look to acquire and manage in order to create a secondary source of income.

This is to be accomplished over the next 3-4 years in near future. The goal is to acquire land properties, improve them as necessary, develop them to maintain a full era of living and then invest or sell the properties and hold them as a long term investment asset. The objective of acquiring land properties is to generate positive cash flow income, as well as to fully capitalize on the market value appreciation over the long term.

This business plan will be the instrument that we will use to communicate our plans, strategies, and tactics to investors and lenders. It will clearly identify our goal of being able to launch and manage this company & promote the business plan. The goal is to gradually build a real estate portfolio over the next 3-4 years that would generate additional income to supplement, or become an integral component of this amazing project. Additionally, as the portfolio of project grows to sufficient size, there will be the opportunity for everyone who look forward into it to invest or to buy the property will too grow as the company grows.

Mission Statement

The mission of RReamso International Pvt. Ltd is to create a portfolio of income producing real estate company that will produce supplemental income to the principal owners as well as the investors. Initially, RReamso International Pvt. Ltd. will seek to acquire land properties that have the potential to generate immediate return on investment upon completion of apx three & a half year and then will be resold.


  • To encourage investors in real estate properties for the purpose of renovating or rehabilitation and then immediate sale, or to hold properties, generating absolute income while obtaining market value appreciation over a longer period.
  • To manage real estate investments from identifying potential properties, to evaluating, to acquisition, and to final sale.
  • To manage the renovation or rehabilitation activities of newly acquired residential properties in the township.
  • To manage the portfolio of real estate assets.

Keys to Success

  • Acquisition of valued land properties.
  • The greater the discount that properties can be purchased, the greater the upside for short term or long term gains will be.
  • Recognize buying opportunities on specific properties that would provide the option to immediately gain the profit.
  • Generate cash flow from income sufficient to provide funding for new property acquisitions.
  • Provide projected overall doubled cash-on-cash return on the investment of property.

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